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丹娜 Eberle律师

丹娜 Eberle律师丹娜 is a native of Southern 印第安纳州 and is deeply devoted to Kentuckiana. After spending most of her life in Floyds Knobs, 她也住在格林维尔, 新奥尔巴尼, 和乔治敦. Allowing 丹娜 to become familiar with every town of Floyd County.  She oversees the Family Law practice area for CLLB, and she firmly believes that helping families is her destiny. 

“Being able 帮助 families heal is my biggest reward.  In most cases, I’m working with a broken family.  Whether it’s a divorce or child custody case, when a client thanks me afterward for helping them through a difficult time – that makes it all worth it.” 

丹娜 describes family law as “very nuanced, very fact-dependent.”  She says a big part of her job is to advocate aggressively on her clients’ behalf but also 帮助 manage their expectations.  She always focuses on what’s best for the children involved.  She is highly experienced at working toward 法律 solutions that offer the best outcomes possible. 

“I say to my clients, ‘I will fight for you and I will fight for your kids like they’re mine.’  I do what I need to do 帮助 my client.  I will also tell them when I think they’re wrong.” 

Having gone through two divorces herself; 丹娜 feels she brings a special nuance to her family law cases. Through her firsthand experience with the emotional, 法律, and financial complexities of divorce, she has gained an empathetic understanding of her clients’ challenges. This personal insight enables her to approach each case with a heightened sensitivity and a practical understanding of the issues at stake. 简而言之:她明白了!  Whether you’re the wife or the husband, 母亲或父亲, 丹娜 understands what you’re going through. She knows how it feels to have your family turned upside down, to worry about how it’s affecting the kids, to stress over the financial implications – to experience a profound sense of loss. 

丹娜 makes it her mission to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes inherent in family law proceedings. She vows that what went wrong for her won’t go wrong for you.  She wants your process – whether it’s divorce, 亲子鉴定, guardianship or adoption – to be as pain-free as possible. 家庭法从来都不容易, but 丹娜 will be there for you through the entire process, and a box of tissues is never far away.  She prides herself on making sure her clients fully understand the process and the possibilities.  Having navigated the intricacies of divorce herself, 她能提供有价值的指导, 战略的见解, and realistic expectations to her clients — making her a well-suited and relatable advocate during a challenging period in her clients’ lives.

“Because I went through it myself, I know how heartbreaking it is.  I worry about my clients; I think about them when I’m making breakfast; I think about them when I go to bed at night.  As an attorney, I can’t turn it off because these cases are always emotional.” 

From Floyd Central High School to University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, 在两者之间的任何地方, 达纳来自肯塔基州, and she is committed to serving the 法律 needs of residents. Being an attorney was always a goal for her, but she didn’t begin her 法律 career until after working in many other capacities, including international customer service representative at UPS, 营销经理, stay-at-home mom and Weight Watchers Leader.  She’s immensely human and, therefore, very approachable and compassionate. 

“We live in the community, and it’s a big deal to our clients that 我们公司 is local.  Growing up here, I knew many of the judges and attorneys before I went to law school.” 

丹娜 graduated from law school in 2013 and then joined Church, 兰登, Lopp, Banet Law soon after passing the 印第安纳州 Bar.  She passed the 肯塔基州 Bar in 2015. When she’s not in the office or driving to court hours away to stand up for her clients, she’s spending time with her sons Grant and Aidan, 或者读一本书, 或旅行. Her passion is off-roading in her prized Jeep, which she describes as “all beefed up.  这是我的宝贝.”  丹娜 says off-roading is her stress reliever. 

“I love the mud, I love the rocks, I love all of it.  That’s the one place I’m not thinking about anything else except being off-road.” 


路易斯维尔大学. 布兰迪斯法学院,2013年,法学博士.D.
印第安纳州 University (Bloomington), 1992, B.A. 历史 


  • 印第安纳州,2013
  • 肯塔基州,2015


  • 印第安纳州律师协会 
  • 肯塔基州律师协会 
  • 弗洛伊德县律师协会 
  • 路易斯维尔律师协会 
  • Certified Family Law mediator in 印第安纳州  
  • Board Member of The Center for Women and Families 
  • Member of The Center for Women and Families’ Southern 印第安纳州 Partnership Council 
  • Chair of the Center’s Southern 印第安纳州 Partnership Council



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